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Advocacy Statement on World Social Responsibility Day [EN/AR]

Advocacy Statement on World Social Responsibility Day [EN/AR]

Civil society organizations in Yemen follow and participate in all international events related to humanitarian and community work either by commemorating them or by participating in their commemoration. In doing so, it reminds all of the governmental, civil, and non-governmental organizations of their responsibility towards Yemen and that they must endeavor to transform their commitments translating them from slogans into action through programs and projects implemented on the ground.

Yemen’s civil society organizations demand interacting with their issues, responding to the needs, filling gaps in funding shortfalls, and achieving a community-based and national partnership to contribute to maximizing the impact of their efforts.

The slogan of World Social Responsibility Day 2023, which translates the sixth goal of sustainable development goals 2030 “Clean water and hygiene”, will be the theme of this year “Strengthening international cooperation and supporting capacity-building in water and sanitation activities” This slogan reflects the great challenges facing millions of people in Yemen at this difficult time.

Approximately 15.4 million people need clean drinking water and sanitation services to avoid the risk of cholera and other deadly diseases, in which overcrowded living conditions in camps and associated low immunization rates and inaccessibility to many children have contributed to measles and Rubella cases.


  1. Abs Development Organization for Woman & Child (ADO).

  2. Humanitarian Work Library – Yemen.

  3. Benevolence Coalition for Humanitarian.

  4. Al Amal Development Association – Shabwa

  5. Tomorrow Foundation for sustainable and humanitarian relief.

  6. Muzun Charity Foundation

  7. Democracy School.

  8. Enqath Foundation For Development (EFD)

  9. Ola Al-Majd for Development.

10.Yamany Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Works (YDH).

11.Basamat Development Foundation.

12.Yemen International Agency for Development.

13.Neda’a Foundation for Development.

14.Amal Organization for Relief and Development.

  1. Make Hope Development and Relief

16.Weaam Empowerment Foundation.

17.Wathiqun Foundation for Development.

18.Al-Twasul For Human Development.

19.Abyan Youth Foundation.

20.Fanar Aden Foundation for Humanitarian Works.

21.White Hands Association Women Development Charity.

22.The Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled in Al-Muftah District

23.Rawabi Al-Nahdah Foundation.

24.Nasaem Development Corporation

25.Arab Human Rights Foundation.

26.Qudrah organization for sustainable development

27.I am for my country foundation.

28.Best Future Foundation

29.Hemmat Shabab Foundation For Development.

30.Angela for Development and Humanitarian Response.

31.Tamdeen Youth Foundation.

32.Medical Mercy Foundation.

33.Mysarah Foundation for Development.

34.Social Kind Earth Foundation SKEF.

35.Al-Zahra Development Foundation (ZDF).

36.Relief & Development Peer Foundation – RDP

37.SalamYemen Foundation for Relief and Development

38.The Coalition of Humanitarian Relief CHR

39.Khadija Development Foundation.

40.Hope Ambassadors Association.