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Yasmine and her story with diabetes


Yasmin is a 12-year-old girl who lives in Al-Kashouba village in Al-Marawah, east of Al-Hudaydah city. Yasmine has been suffering from diabetes since she was eight years old. It was difficult for her family to bear the costs of her treatment due to their difficult economic situation, in addition to the fact that their village is located more than half an hour away from Kamran Rural Hospital.


In mid-August of the year 2023, a medical convoy was organized in Kamaran Rural Hospital in Al-Marawah, funded by the Direct Aid Society and implemented by the Mercy Medical Foundation.


Yasmine underwent a diagnosis by the convoy doctor, and then the necessary tests were conducted for her. After the results of the examinations appeared, the convoy doctor prescribed the necessary medicines for her, and Yasmine got the medicines for free. Yasmine was very grateful for the medical convoy, and said that it was a real opportunity to alleviate her suffering and that of her family, especially since the costs of conducting examinations and buying medicines are very high. She said that distributing medicines to the poor for free is a very great job.


Yasmin's mother says, "I am very happy that Yasmin benefited from the medical convoy and received free medicines. It was very difficult for our family to afford her treatment, but now we can rest assured that she was treated by Mercy Medical even for a limited          period."

Yasmine's mother added, "I ask the donors to continue implementing such medical convoys to preserve the lives of children in rural areas, especially." Then she said that there are many children in Tihama villages who suffer from various diseases and in need for help.

The medical convoy, funded by Direct Aid and the implementation of medical compassion, is considered a great achievement for the residents of the villages of Al-Marawa’a district and the surrounding districts. The convoy helped provide the necessary treatment to many poor people who suffer from blood pressure and diabetes, and gave them an opportunity to receive appropriate treatment while preserving their dignity.


Yasmine and her story with diabetes
Yasmine and her story with diabetes